Download for Linux

Linux installation
    • 1. Confirm that Java is installed

      CafeTran requires Java to be installed to run. If your Linux system is 64-bit, it is recommended that you download the 64-bit version of Java. If you do not know whether or not you have Java installed, see: Do I have Java?. If you do not have Java installed, then you should download the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).
    • 2. Install CafeTran Espresso

      After downloading, unzip the file in the chosen location. Then, edit file in CafeTran installation folder and set the full path to Oracle’s Java installation in JAVA_HOME. For example: JAVA_HOME=”/home/username/Java/jre9.0.1″

      Download for Linux
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  • 3. Run the Program

    Set file as executable and double-click it to run the program!
  Note that with very large resources, for example translation memories or glossaries 100 MB or more in size, it may be advisable to increase the amount of RAM made available to CafeTran in Java. This can be done in the program’s options (menu Edit | Options | Memory tab | Java memory size (MB).) Consider increasing the default value from 1024 to 2048, for example. Restart the program to apply the new Java memory settings. If you have any problems installing CafeTran, please either use one of the community support options, or email for assistance.