Select a Licensing Option

Without a license file, the free copy of CafeTran Espresso that you download will run forever — but with the following limitations: You won’t be able to work with TM files that are larger than 1000 TU’s in size (in total), and you will not be able to make use of glossaries that are larger than 500 terms (in total). To remove those limitations, you need a license file generated specifically for your computer. Two options exist for obtaining license files:

Annual Subscription

€80 per year *

In exchange for an annual payment of 80 euros, you will be able to log into this site to obtain a license file, once per year, that you can import into your copy of CafeTran Espresso** to remove the TU/glossary limitations for that year.

This option is the way to “set it and forget it” and always have access to the latest version of CafeTran Espresso. Payment will be processed automatically, and you will be entitled to full support and free updates to the latest version of CafeTran Espresso for as long as your subscription remains current.

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One-time Purchase

€200 (once) *

For a one-time payment of 200 euros, you get a license file that will remove the TM and glossary size limitations on your copy of CafeTran Espresso, once and for all. You can then continue to use your copy of CafeTran Espresso on the installed machine, without limitation, indefinitely.

Note that when selecting this option, you are entitled to free upgrades, and full support, for a period of three years.***

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Refund policy  All sales must be final, since we do not have any way to invalidate a licensing file once it has been issued. CafeTran Espresso is available to download for free before you decide to purchase a license.

** License files are generated specifically for a given computer. If you work on more than one machine, however, you may request that a license file be generated also for your second computer.

*** Beginning with the date of purchase. At the end of the three-year period, any support or upgrades — including the support necessary to reinstall or move your copy of CafeTran Espresso to a new computer — would require that you obtain a new license.